Edge Protection Seals

Metal reinforced silicone edge trims to EN45545-2

A metal reinforcement is a reliable way of fixing a profile to an end product without the need for tape, adhesive or a separate fixing plate or profile. There is also no need to use a mounting rail or groove when installing the profile. This in turn, allows the customer to simplify the design of the end-product. Our metal reinforced silicone edge protection seals withstand vibration, shock, and abrasion and above all, they are also fire resistant.

Custom made edge protection seals

CB Frost specialises in high quality, custom made extruded metal reinforced silicone profiles, which conform to the EN45545-2, DIN5510-2, NF F16-101, BS6853, NFPA130 and GOST 12.1.04489 fire safety standards demanded in the global rail sector. These profiles contain a stainless-steel wire, which is vulcanized inside the profile during the extrusion process. This wire provides rigidity to the profile and allows ease of installation and a guaranteed fit.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

These edge protection sealing solutions are used in a wide range of applications on rolling stock ranging from windows, door systems, ceilings, floors and walls to air conditioning systems, lighting systems and luggage compartment racks.

Fire Safety Standard

EN45545-2 DIN5510-2 BS6853 NFF16-101 NFPA 130 GOST
Flammability (Acc. EN45545-2)
Smoke density (Ds max)
Oxygen Index (LOI)
Toxicity (CIT NLP)
R22/R23, HL 1-3

Standard meters or vulcanised frames

All profiles can be supplied in either standard meters, or as complete vulcanised frames or rings.

Standard profiles

In addition to custom made profiles, CB Frost are also able to offer several standard profiles. The tooling for these profiles is owned by CB Frost, which means that customers are free to utilise these in any of their products or projects.

For more information on our reinforced profiles and other extruded products, or to discuss a project you are working on, please call +44 (0)121 773 8494.