High Performance Silicone Foam for Rail Applications

Partnered with leading cellular silicone manufacturers, Rogers Corporation and Armacell, and utilising decades of experience in converting rubber and plastic materials, CB Frost has earned a reputation as a leading supplier of silicone foam and rubber for the Rail and Mass Transit Industry, providing materials for a wide range of applications, from door seals to seat cushions.  

What is EN45545-2?

In order to supply to the rail industry, our extensive range of rail insulation materials and products must meet the most stringent rail industry requirements for fire safety, smoke and toxicity. As well as remaining effective over a wider temperature range than most cellular silicones, our silicone foam materials comply with important industry standards, including BS6853, LUL (London Underground), NFF-16-101 and EN45545-2.

EN45545-2 is the European standard for the highest level of safety in the rail industry. As of 2018, tighter requirements have been put in place, requiring all materials and components for railway vehicles (including interior surfaces, seats and seals) to be tested to EN45545-2 standards. The key parameters of testing include ignitability, flame spread, heat release, smoke opacity and smoke toxicity. 

Our rail industry customers can rest assured that all specialist rail materials and products that we supply are comprehensively tested to ensure they comply with EN45545-2, along with a range of other industry standards.

The advantages of Silicone Foam for Rail Vehicles

Cellular silicone rubber and silicone foam are widely considered the most effective materials for a range of applications within rail vehicles due to their excellent resistance qualities that ensure long term reliability for sealing, cushioning and safety:

Flame retardancy and low smoke toxicity – As discussed, silicone foam materials for the rail industry are thoroughly tested for flame retardancy and low smoke toxicity under the European standard. As a result, they offer a safe and effective solution for many applications within rail vehicles.

Environmental resistance – Certain grades of silicone foam maintain excellent resistance to ozone and UV light and remain effective within a wide temperature range, making them ideal materials for protecting and sealing outdoor rail applications.

Compression set and sealing ability – Silicone foams also feature excellent compressibility, memory and low stress relaxation, and softness. These characteristics are advantageous for sealing and vibration isolating applications, as well as helping to provide comfort to rail passengers.

Common rail applications for EN45545-2 foam materials include:

Door Seals

The compressibility, low weight, softness and memory of BF2000 silicone foam makes it a highly suitable material for gap filling and door sealing applications within rail vehicles.

Gap Fillers

The softness, compressibility and durability of BF1000 and BF2000 silicone foams ensure that they can effectively fill and seal gaps of variable shapes and sizes.

HVAC Seals

The excellent memory, low stress relaxation and compressibility, combined with temperature range, make BF1000 and BF2000 foams ideal HVAC sealing materials, helping to reduce maintenance costs related to gasket failures.

LCD Display and Lighting Enclosure Gaskets

Silicone materials such as BF1000 and BF2000 are highly effective in protecting against the penetration of dust, moisture, air and light, providing an effective seal for LCD displays and lighting enclosures.

Seating Cushions

MF1-55 is a foam material designed to suit a wide range of cushioning applications. Tested to rail fire safety standards, it is widely fabricated for use in seating cushions, providing comfort and safety for rail passengers.

Smoke Seals

The compression set and resistance capabilities of MF1-55, BF1000 and BF2000 are well suited to smoke sealing applications, preventing the spread of smoke through rail vehicle ceiling and panel compartments.

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High Performance Rail Industry Materials

For high performance rail industry materials that comply with EN45545-2, BS6853, NFF-16-101 and London Underground safety standards, contact CB Frost. All materials are available in rolls, sheets, pads, gaskets or fabrications. 

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