Rail SD Thermal Insulation Foam

With our ArmaFlex Rail range we offer the first flexible closed-cell insulation with integrated fire protection for the international railway industry. All ArmaFlex Rail products meet the high requirements of the European fire protection standard EN45545-2 and are the first to achieve the hazard levels HL2 and 3, R1. Our innovative System solutions for Insulating refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and plumbing ensure more safety and comfort on the tracks. Our Armaflex Rail products have also been successfully installed to insulate body shell parts and doors and proven themselves as a reliable solution for rattle protection and vibration dampening in various application areas.


In rolling stock, heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment is the second largest energy consumer after the traction. Insulating this mechanical equipment with our closed-cell and highly flexible ArmaFlex Rail products is one of the simplest and most efficient measures to save energy in railway vehicles.

Condensation control and improved indoor air quality

Our closed-cell insulation with low thermal conductivity and high resistance to water vapour transmission provides installations with reliable, long-term protection against energy loss and condensation. ArmaFlex Rail products have a ‘built-in water vapour barrier’. Unlike conventional insulation materials which have to be protected against moisture penetration with a separate vapour barrier, in ArmaFlex the resistance to water vapour transmission is built up throughout the entire insulation thickness. Microban technology provides protection against the development of harmful microbes, such as bacteria and contributes to improved indoor air quality.

Rail is the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation. But increased comfort requirements, such as air conditioning, comfortable seats and tables, easily accessible lavatories and CET tanks have made trains heavier and more expensive to operate. To maintain its environmental advantage, energy efficiency has to be improved – without compromising passenger safety and comfort.


With HVAC equipment being the second largest energy consumer, insulation with our dedicated ArmaFlex Rail products offers enormous energy-saving potential. Our closed-cell material protects mechanical equipment against heat loss and condensation, and supports its long-term function.


Fresh water supply for washrooms, the on-board restaurant and the hygienic disposal of wastewater are taken for granted in modern trains. Our ArmaFlex Rail insulation material protects hot and cold water pipes against unacceptable temperature fluctuations which can lead to a contamination with legionella bacteria. The dust and fibre-free material prevents condensation and thermal losses and the Microban technology offers protection against the development of bacteria and mould. Sandwich constructions based on ArmaForm ensure low life-cycle costs and greater passenger comfort. The lavatory module is only one of many possible interior applications.


High strength, low weight, excellent fatigue, durability and insulation properties makes ArmaForm today’s benchmark for a sustainable, 100 percent recyclable alternative to conventional materials in rail vehicle construction.



ArmaFlex Rail SD

The first closed-cell insulation to achieve the HL2, R1 level. It is also classified under the national fire protection standards NFPA 130, GOST 12.1.044-89 and DIN 5510-2. Microban technology provides protection against harmful microbes and prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

ArmaFlex Rail SD-C

Achieves HL3, R1, the most stringent hazard level. The product is equipped with a shiny, silver covering. The attractive surface is UV-resistant, protects the insulation against mechanical impact and is very easy to clean.

ArmaFlex Rail ZH

The first halogen-free, closed-cell insulation to achieve the classification HL2, R1. Besides very good flame-retardant properties and low smoke density, it also minimises the risk of secondary damage. For example, halogen-free materials do not develop corrosive gases which can damage (electronic) equipment in a fire.

ArmaFlex Rail ZH-C

Achieves the most stringent hazard level HL3, R1 and can be used in operating category 4 in underground track sections or tunnels.