Versatility & Durability: Rogers BISCO BF1000 Silicone Foam

With its wide range of resistance properties, customisability and durability, Rogers BISCO BF1000 is ideally suited for use in applications for customers across many of the industries that CB Frost regularly serves.

Having been founded in 1921, we have seen many innovations in material development over the last 100 plus years. Having grown alongside the rubber and plastics industry, to remain as leaders in our market, in addition to always facing the future and investing in our manufacturing processes, it’s also important for us to also stay on the pulse of high-performance materials to serve a wide range of industries. For over 30 years we have maintained a strong relationship with Rogers Corporation, acting as a UK preferred converter of their cellular silicone materials.

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Rogers Corporation is recognised throughout the world as a leader in the development of plastics and elastomeric materials. Renowned for its innovation and quality, Rogers Corporation has been at the forefront of materials science for over a century, developing and manufacturing a wide range of high-performance products, serving a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and rail.

Through continuous research and development, Rogers Corporation has become synonymous with materials that offer exceptional reliability, durability and performance under a range of challenging conditions. By developing and introducing materials such as BISCO BF1000 silicone foam, Rogers are contributing to smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions for our customers.

Rogers BISCO BF1000 Silicone Foam

BISCO BF1000 is a high-performance, highly flame-resistance silicone foam that offers several important benefits across numerous applications and industries. With its softness, compressibility and low stress relaxation, BF1000 is commonly used for sealing, cushioning and vibration isolation applications.

Developed by Rogers Corporation, BF1000 is designed to exhibit important characteristics for versatility of use. Some of the most advantageous properties include:

High Temperature Resistance

Even when exposed to extreme temperatures, BF1000 maintains its performance and structural integrity. Capable of maintaining performance in temperatures as low as -55°C and as high as 200°C, it’s suitable for applications within industries such as automotive, aerospace or rail, where the ability to withstand regular exposure to a wide range of temperatures is essential. 

Fire resistance

Another important property of BF1000 silicone foam is its flame-retardancy. Tested to EN45545-2, the European standard for fire safety and flame retardancy in the rail industry, along with BS6853, the British safety standard, it meets strict safety requirements, maintaining its form when faced with fire and helping to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. These properties are crucial in the rail industry along with other sectors with strict fire safety requirements, including automotive, aerospace and electronics.

Compression Set Resistance

Rogers Bisco BF1000 exhibits superior compression set resistance, meaning it can withstand repeated compressions and expansions without losing its shape or cushioning capabilities. This feature is particularly important for sealing and vibration damping applications, which is vital for electrical and lighting enclosures, along with rail vehicles.

Sound and Energy Absorption

BF1000 has good sound absorption properties, making it useful for applications where noise reduction is required, such as in acoustic insulation panels in buildings, vehicles and passenger train carriages.

In addition to effective sound insulation, the material also has excellent energy absorption characteristics for shock absorption and applications where mitigating impact forces is key. BF1000 works as an effective protective padding.

Low Outgassing

With its low outgassing properties, BF1000 is highly suitable for use in sensitive electronic and aerospace applications where contamination from material degradation must be minimised to allow for the continued performance of equipment.

Durability and Customisability

With resistance against UV light, ozone and moisture, BF1000 silicone foam is highly durable, maintaining shape and performance even in harsh environmental conditions. As a result, this means a greater reduced risk of application failure, or the need for repair or replacement. 

In addition to its durability, this foam material is also highly customisable and can be easily cut, shaped and fabricated to meet design requirements for specific applications throughout different industries. At CB Frost, with our in-house manufacturing capabilities, as an approved converter of Rogers’ BISCO silicone materials, we can convert BF1000 into a range of products, including:

  • Sheeting
  • Gaskets
  • Strips/Tape
  • Washers
  • Fabrications

Overall, Rogers Bisco BF1000’s combination of high-temperature resistance, durability, safety properties, and versatile application possibilities makes it a highly valuable material across a broad spectrum of industries.

BISCO BF1000 Conversion

To discuss our manufacturing capabilities for BF1000 silicone foam, or for assistance in selecting the correct high-performance material for your application, please do contact the CB frost team today.


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