CB Frost Take Delivery of a New Overhead Press

In order to maintain our reputation as a leading specialist in the conversion of rubber, sponge and plastic materials, it’s vital that we maintain our ethos of ‘quality without compromise’. This means continually developing our production capabilities to offer our customers the highest quality products whilst maintaining fast lead times. 

As well as introducing new materials and developing new bespoke products on a regular basis, in order to increase production whilst maintaining the same level of quality and precision that customers in all industries expect from us, we have always invested heavily in our production machinery. 

In addition to the introduction of our high speed gasket cutting machine last year, to further increase our gasket, washer and strip/tape production, we have now taken delivery of a newly refurbished overhead press, equipped with a range of user friendly features, along with a 5 HP motor and cutting force of 30 tons to make for high precision in cutting a wide range of products.

overhead press

Our Refurbished Overhead Press

Following refurbishment, our good as new model TH-35 overhead press features the following specifications:

  • Cutting force: 30 tons
  • Main motor: 5 HP
  • Machine bed: 760D x 2000Wmm
  • Cutting head: 750D x 750Wmm
  • Cutting stroke: 130mm
  • Open daylight: 25-155mm
  • User friendly keypad
  • Stroke counter
  • New P.P. cutting pad on the machine bed
  • Push bar operating control system
  • Inboard CE type 2 no-command 060-600mm photocell at the front of machine outside of cutting area
  • Rear safety guard

overhead press

With a user-friendly keypad, pushbar operating control system and stroke counter, the new cutting press is easy to operate and ensures that the specified number of products are manufactured. To ensure precision, the inboard photocell ensures that the rubber, sponge or plastic material is fed to the right position for each cut, helping to cut down on waste materials.

Adding a further cutting machine to our facilities further increases our production capacity at any one time, and allows us to choose from a range of cutting and kiss cutting presses for each production run. For example, for large volume production runs, we may choose our high speed cutting press, whilst for lower gasket volumes, our refurbished overhead cutting press will provide the ideal level of speed and precision to ensure quality and meet lead times.

overhead press

Gasket Production

If you are in need of gaskets, washers, strip or tape, with our extensive inhouse production capabilities, we can deliver what you require with the highest level of precision and quality, to meet your desired lead times.

If you have questions about our cutting presses, or would like help in choosing the best suited materials for your application, you can call our friendly and knowledgeable sales team today on +44 (0) 121 773 8494. We are always happy to provide assistance.


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